Editing Part 2

It took some time but it is complete! I finished reading through and making editing notes on Zee, my first completely written novel. A list of top priority flaws to be addressed:


The beginning of the book could be considered a tad boring. Considering starting out at a more action packed scene.

Side character Lussia randomly gets renamed to Granny half way through the book.

Minor characters Dan and Matron are introduced and never show up again.  I have already thought of a couple scenes where they could be added.  They should make the book overall whole and more interesting.

Ended a writing session with Stu finding a war scene. Starts up again with him talking to an old man. No explanation at all.

Stu is a bad name choice and should be changed.

Aliens start off described one way and then change appearances later in the book.

Write the first alien scene from the POV of the aliens, see if it fits somewhere into the story.

I set up the world to have major conflicts between three factions in the junk yard but never make use of said conflicts.

Misc spelling corrections and word choice changes needed.

Aliens talk a different language, but there are scenes from their point of view where they can understand each other.

Need to add preliminary scenes with Lussia talking to The Architect.
I had a hard time writing and posting last week during work. I’m hoping that it was a needed warm up week since I’m not used to writing every day anymore and things will smooth out soon.


Editing Round One

Many authors (Neil Gaiman to name a popular one) have stated that their best editing comes once they have lost some of the emotional attachment to the writing.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the work.  It means that if they start to read a scene that they particularly enjoyed writing they will look at it with fresh eyes.  They might find out that it doesn’t add to the story and needs to be cut.  Or perhaps they are reading a scene that was hard to write and they didn’t enjoy previously.  They might read that again and realize that the scene is good and needed in their novel.  They wouldn’t have seen that if they took the emotional baggage from writing the scenes with them when they were editing.

Two years ago for National Novel Writing Month I started a story currently known as Zee.  It got finished a couple of months after November and was my first ever finished rough draft.  I’ve been letting it age a while, until it was time to edit.  Something I decided to start yesterday.  I think that my writers emotional baggage is gone.  Now the new editing feelings are approaching.  I’ve made it through a couple thousand words and there is a lot to fix.  Some will be easy, just moving some paragraphs around. Some is going to be harder, such as deleting scene’s I enjoyed writing.  Some I have no idea how to fix.

At the beginning of my novel Zee has a run in with some aliens she can barely understand.  In the middle of the book they make another appearance and everyone can communicate without a problem.  I completely forgot that they were not supposed to have the same language.  I’m not sure exactly how to fix this.  I don’t want it to be too easy by having my main character create a translating device.  I definitely don’t want to rewrite the last half of my book to facilitate other worldly alien languages. It’s something I have to mull over while I finish reading the whole novel.

Work, games, and the boyfriend

Work is both a boon and a muse.  The fact that I cannot, or at the least should not, be writing encourages some of my best ideas to come forth.  My biggest issue is remembering them when I finally have the time to write them down.  I enjoy having a job that isn’t dependent on my writing.  It means that I can write for pleasure instead of for necessity.  While necessity might be the root of all creation I like having an overall happy and less stressful life.


I find games to be an enjoyable pastime.  Board games. Video games. Metal games (I’m joking). Lately I’ve been feeling conflicted while playing though because they take up a lot of writing time. Just this weekend I spent many hours playing a beta for a game that will be released this year.  I’m not allowed to say more about the game.  I will say that it was enjoyable and probably did not effect my writing or writing career in any way.  Last weekend I spent the same amount of time reading Ender’s Game, a fantastic book that I am sure will effect my writing and therefore my writing career in the future.  Of course neither gaming or reading is the act of writing.  Ah well, I should just repeat what Joss Whedon said:

““……fill the tanks, fill the tanks, fill the tanks. Constantly watch things and things you don’t [normally watch]. Step outside your viewing zone, your reading zone. It’s all fodder but if you only take from one thing then it’ll show.”


Speaking of watching things Sherlock 3.3 aired hours ago in Britain.  I don’t understand why they can’t show it across the whole of the world at the same time.  Perhaps all of the energy created by all of the fan girls happiness would compile into a huge ball of energy that would destroy the moon.  That’d be a good reason to not show Sherlock at the same time all over the world, yet I don’t think that is the actual reason that they do this.  I suspect that the actual reason is much less interesting.


I’m off to play some Mech Warrior with the boyfriend.  Perhaps I will make another post with some writing excerpts later today.  After watching somethings and playing video games and some editing on the passage that I would like to post.


Obligatory First Post

I suppose I should start with my writing prowess.  I’ve been authoring for years and years. I have often participated in National Novel Writing Month and find the deadline it provides to be a worthy muse.  I attend conventions of all sorts often, enjoying them immensely.  I do hope that one day I will be famous enough for conventions to pay me to come to them instead of the other way around.

As for the purpose of this blog: to encourage the quantity and quality of my writing.  As such I’ll be writing about just about anything: new dishwasher to the book I’m sending to get edited to the new and ever more annoying dog barking in the hallway.  I will try to keep my posts short and to the point, though that is not my natural inclination and I’m sure that they will end up fairly long anyways. Even with the length I do hope that they are enjoyable for everyone to read.