Work, games, and the boyfriend

Work is both a boon and a muse.  The fact that I cannot, or at the least should not, be writing encourages some of my best ideas to come forth.  My biggest issue is remembering them when I finally have the time to write them down.  I enjoy having a job that isn’t dependent on my writing.  It means that I can write for pleasure instead of for necessity.  While necessity might be the root of all creation I like having an overall happy and less stressful life.


I find games to be an enjoyable pastime.  Board games. Video games. Metal games (I’m joking). Lately I’ve been feeling conflicted while playing though because they take up a lot of writing time. Just this weekend I spent many hours playing a beta for a game that will be released this year.  I’m not allowed to say more about the game.  I will say that it was enjoyable and probably did not effect my writing or writing career in any way.  Last weekend I spent the same amount of time reading Ender’s Game, a fantastic book that I am sure will effect my writing and therefore my writing career in the future.  Of course neither gaming or reading is the act of writing.  Ah well, I should just repeat what Joss Whedon said:

““……fill the tanks, fill the tanks, fill the tanks. Constantly watch things and things you don’t [normally watch]. Step outside your viewing zone, your reading zone. It’s all fodder but if you only take from one thing then it’ll show.”


Speaking of watching things Sherlock 3.3 aired hours ago in Britain.  I don’t understand why they can’t show it across the whole of the world at the same time.  Perhaps all of the energy created by all of the fan girls happiness would compile into a huge ball of energy that would destroy the moon.  That’d be a good reason to not show Sherlock at the same time all over the world, yet I don’t think that is the actual reason that they do this.  I suspect that the actual reason is much less interesting.


I’m off to play some Mech Warrior with the boyfriend.  Perhaps I will make another post with some writing excerpts later today.  After watching somethings and playing video games and some editing on the passage that I would like to post.



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