Editing Part 2

It took some time but it is complete! I finished reading through and making editing notes on Zee, my first completely written novel. A list of top priority flaws to be addressed:


The beginning of the book could be considered a tad boring. Considering starting out at a more action packed scene.

Side character Lussia randomly gets renamed to Granny half way through the book.

Minor characters Dan and Matron are introduced and never show up again.  I have already thought of a couple scenes where they could be added.  They should make the book overall whole and more interesting.

Ended a writing session with Stu finding a war scene. Starts up again with him talking to an old man. No explanation at all.

Stu is a bad name choice and should be changed.

Aliens start off described one way and then change appearances later in the book.

Write the first alien scene from the POV of the aliens, see if it fits somewhere into the story.

I set up the world to have major conflicts between three factions in the junk yard but never make use of said conflicts.

Misc spelling corrections and word choice changes needed.

Aliens talk a different language, but there are scenes from their point of view where they can understand each other.

Need to add preliminary scenes with Lussia talking to The Architect.
I had a hard time writing and posting last week during work. I’m hoping that it was a needed warm up week since I’m not used to writing every day anymore and things will smooth out soon.


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