London Highlights

Top Five Highlights of My Trip to London

1) Seeing Titus Andronicus at The Globe with my best friend V.  The actors were amazing and the feel of that theater makes everything seem real.  I highly recommend going to see any plays that are going on while you are visiting.  It’s completely worth while.  Don’t forget that you can bring your own booze, or buy some there.

2) Seeing Star Trek into Darkness with 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus at the Royal Albert Hall.  The movie is amazing. The orchestra is amazing. The location is amazing.  The whole experience was amazing.  It was the reason that we all went to London and let me say, it was well worth it.

3) All of the amazing food!  I had crepe’s three different days because they were that good.  We went to a fancy restaurant where M splurged on all sorts of food, of which I ate my fair portion. M also introduced me to port which is absolutely amazing.  I am so glad that I have it in my life now.  Talk about a life luxury.  There was a meat pie.  Tons of different kinds of chutney.  Fish fries.  High royal tea.  All in all absolutely fantastic.

4) Top Gear Experience.  technically this was in Beaulieu but it was a part of my trip and a huge highlight.  I love Top Gear.  It’s one of the only shows that I watch within a day or two of its release.  Being able to see all the cars that they have driven throughout the years was fantastic.  Well worth the money.  (And I’m sure that my friends who went to see the Dr. Who thinger in Cardiff would say the same thing about their venture.)

5) Science Museum Lates.  We lucked into this experience.  A friend of mine from high school is going to University in London for her masters in science communication.  Knowing about my science interests and my trip she mentioned that the science museum has a special late night once a month.  We happened to be in town at the right time and went there.  It was amazing.  I loved it.  The theme was Make. Hack. Do.  They had a special feature on making objects using 3D printers.  I got to use a 3D doodle pen to make a flower.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed!  There was screen printing, dancing, trivia night, bars where one could buy beer in every room.  If I lived in London I would go to every Lates event.

For those planning their own London trip I cannot recommend The London Pass more highly.  Not only does it provide fast tracks and free audio tours at a number of exceptional attractions you can get a travel pass with it.  The travel pass allows unlimited use of the subway and the buses.  It saved our group a lot of stress not having to worry about the most efficient/cheapest way to get to our destination.  If we got on the wrong tube then we just took another one, it wasn’t an issue.  Plus with how much we used the tube to get around I’m sure that we all got our money’s worth out of it.   It helped make this trip both fun and stress free!


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