Murder She Wrote

There are three major writing projects going on at the moment.  You can expect many updates on these in upcoming posts.

1) Zee has a finished first draft.  It is in the editing stages.  Major editing stages.  It’s missing huge sections, some minor plots were completely dropped in the middle, the side characters are a bit flat, etc.  But the first draft is done and the editing is going. Slowly.  You know at one point in my life I thought that editing was a lot of fun? That was also the time when I would spend days on one page.  Perfection is the enemy of production.

2) Jewel Stealing Space Cats just got a full outline half way through writing! Hurrah! I threw out 10k words, wrote 10k new words, and wrote the outline.  Gotta finish the first draft.  Bonus: the outline is reasonable so the draft should not contain the huge missing sections that Zee does. Progress!

3) Murder Mystery.  I’m not sure what the title is, or even what the name of the main character is.  I’ve been actively plotting this for a week with tons of progress being made.  I can already tell that it’s going to be a better novel than Zee or JSSC.  (Both of those stories have potential. They just need large amounts of editing.)  The one sentence blurb is:

“A hard boiled female detective must solve the first mystery on the moon colonies.”

Would you read that book?


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