Editing Progress

My progress continues with days of inaction followed by an hour of dedication. I found some line edits for Zee from my last bout of editing devotion. These have been added to the current digital copy I have for the novel.  Chapter two has gotten a complete rework with some additional scenes written.  It was then sent to a beta reader who made some good points. Reworks coming soon.

Work is quickly coming up this week. I do not feel like I got enough done this weekend, even though I was actively doing something productive at most times. No TV or reading for pleasure. While this is a little sad it is reality.  Things are gearing up for NNWM.  Not to mention the classes I am taking. Personal time shall be slowly going away.

Choosing what will be getting my attention when becomes ever more important.  As such keeping a tidy and updating to do list also becomes more important.  While listing three things one is happy for at the end of the day one might also write up the three most important tasks for the morning so that they can be completed swiftly.  If only writing lists were as easy as performing the tasks on them.


Old Prologue for an Even Older Story


Rumble, rumble, rumble… BOOM! Crack.

That’s all I can remember. That and a feeling of dismay. The dread that life will be full of emptiness. The kind of emptiness that you get when you know everything is gone, your loved ones, your house, your pet your life. I know that everything that I feel should be there I just don’t want to believe that.

All sorts of questions are running through my head. Why did this happen to me? Are there others? What exactly happened? Was it supposed to happen? What is out there? Could it have been… no mankind stopped that from happening a long time ago.

It’s time to find out the answers to these questions. I need to open my eyes, it’s time for me to find the truth.

End of Prologue

Editing Progress

My progress is slow with bursts of production and spaces of interruption. I did finish my first round edit of the first chapter of Zee. I cut out a lot, but overall was probably better for it. I even sent the chapter to a beta reader who thought it was good, though did point out a couple grammatical mistakes.

Speaking of which I have also been beta reading some of her work. One chapter per week so that it doesn’t distract from everything else I’m trying to do. She has made drastic improvements already, which gives me much hope for my novels.

I’m traveling over the weekend, so I’m sure I won’t get a chapter edited by then. I doubt I’ll have one done beforehand either. Perhaps Monday progress will be made? I know soon comes the parts that need a lot of fleshing out, so I’m sure the process will get slower. I just need to dedicate more time to it. There’s a great novel in there, I just need to bring it out!