I went to the Sunday Writers Group where I finally finished the connection scenes between two huge chunks of storyline from my old NaNo novel.  This added about four thousand words to my story which is good, it’s been running short since I cut out a solid 10k words in editing. 

Of course those words really made readers feel for the main character, now my readers are relating to the male side character significantly more! I think I will need to go back and add some of the scenes I cut now, but at better places throughout the novel.  Now that the story is linear I can go back to editing what is already written. I better get cracking, only 144 hours until that novel needs to be handed to my alpha reader. 148 hours until I need to start writing a whole new novel.  At least the four hours in between are going to be spent at the NNWM Kick-Off Party!


Short Story

I decided that it was time to take a break from editing and write something. Since I didn’t want it to take to long, this editing does have a deadline, I decided on a short story. I happened upon the submission guidelines for a fun looking anthology that just got it’s funding through Kickstarter and decided to go for it. If I’m lucky they won’t get to many other submissions, as in less competition for me, we shall see!

Once the short story idea was in my head and the anthologies theme decided upon I decided I must write it. I wish it was that simple for my other stories. There was I was at my Sunday Writers Group trying to edit my old novel to no avail. Ten minutes left on the timer and I decided that I needed to get something done. Switched my documents and got 500words in before the end.

At the end of the night I was half way to my goal of 5,000 words. While my SO was not happy to hear that I would be spending extra time that night finishing my writing instead of spending time with him he was able to distract himself. I finished the short story at 4,700 words. Then I tried to sleep. This did not actually work. After hours of tossing back and forth I got up, wrote a new ending to my story bringing it to just above my original 5k goal, and then sent it to my alpha reader. She should get back to me by the end of the week, perhaps with some good news?

Deleted Scene

The goat cleared it’s throat. James didn’t even think it was the goat, it sounded exactly like the elder from the village so he looked behind him instead expecting to see him.

“You two have done an excellent job taking care of the problem. I will now be able to restore the well to its proper position above.”

“How are you going to do that? You’re a goat.”

“That’s a small mishap, I’m actually a fairly powerful scientist from the future.”

“A what?”

“Scientist? Ah don’t worry about it. I’ll fix it all. Now if the two of you could be on your way, go canoodle in that cave section of yours.”

James face got red, “What now? we don’t canoodle.”

“Well that’s a shame.” The goat responded in the air of not caring a bit.

“Goodness that blush of yours,” Abigail commented which didn’t help James’ blush go down at all.

At least Abigail was understanding, “Let’s go,” she crossed the boards across the river and started up the rocks to the location that they left their torches.

As she got to the top she looked over to the goat, smiling and waving. Knowing that the wish that she had really made would be answered, little did everyone else know that it was a Wish for Love Well, a common product of the future accidently brought with the goat scientist into the past.

Character Interview – Charlotte

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

While my career has certainly been successful since the kidnapping and rescue I consider my greatest accomplishment my wonderful family. My oldest daughter just got a research position on the moon! I’m so proud of her. My youngest is in the middle of high school now. She hasn’t figured out what she’s going to do with her life. Hopefully she’ll decide on something soon. My husband is a successful environmental conservationist. He single handly saved the last section of the rain forest from getting destroyed!

I see a scar on your hand, how did you get that?

That’s a constant reminder of a mistake I made in an early opperation. It was supposed to be a stake out, but… I try to use it as a reminder to be prepared.

How would you prefer to spend a weekend away from home?

A cabin in the woods relaxing with my husband. The key is to not see people I don’t want to see. In the woods I could go for a walk and not see a soul. That’s what I’d call a vacation.

10 Books That Changed My Life

1) The Hardy Boys Series

2) Artemis Fowl

3) Tinker by Wen Spencer

4) The Scarlet Letter

5) 1984

6) The Giver

7) The Outsiders

8) Kodocha

9) Saiyuki

10) The Fault in Our Stars

A couple notes:

The scarlet letter I did not enjoy as a book. I learned a lot from it due to an amazing high school teacher who taught that book. She was the only teacher that really made me take apart a book in it’s separate elements and really explain why characters were doing what they did when. Her teachings stuck with me, and thus the reason that The Scarlet Letter is important in my life, though it could have been any book taught thoroughly.

8+9 are manga series, Japanese comic books, yet they effected me so greatly that I would be remiss to not include them in this list. I still own the full series for both.

The rest are pretty normal. All books I read at the right age for them to effect me in a positive way. The Hardy Boys was the first series that really made me want to read. Artemis Fowl had the first MC I really identified with plus some fantasy elements I enjoyed. Tinker was a great book, and showed me that a book could get published for a good story even if the writing could have used another edit.

Editing Progress

I’m slogging through the hard part of this novel. Characters are forgotten for chapters, a fight scene was started then promptly skipped, and I still don’t know what regional cuisine my MC ate at the fancy dinner. Actually there isn’t even a scene to get my MC from the underground to the dinner, it just happens.

These are the downsides of writting a novel without an outline. These are also the downsides of writing a novel in a month. Things get skipped so the word count is made. Then they need to be dealt with while editing. Yet if I didn’t write this all in one month would it be done at all? I doubt it. One must take the plunge and write.

I took a glance at  the material to come. I have to say, it’s pretty good. Scenes will need to be rearranged to fix the pacing. Yet, overall, this is exactly how and we’re I want my novel to end. Now to connect the beginning to the end, through a yard full of junk.

Outline Progress

This years NNWM outline is going well. I started with an old idea of mine, scientists doing research on moon, added in some rouge researchers, religious aliens, and a detective from Earth to get to my current novel idea. I completed the first step of the snowflake method quickly. The second step was harder and the third step was impossible as my characters kept evolving with new obstacles and an ever changing time line.

What came to my rescue? The 12 key pillars of novel construction. This is a course posted weekly through a blog. The posts are only ok, I have found them to be a bit repetitive. What helped fix my outline was the worksheets. They asked many important questions. It was like I was able to brainstorm with my best friend for a night, yet I didn’t have to use their time.

Numerous hours were spent on these worksheets. When I tried step two and three again the process was significantly smoother. I just finished expanding my outline onto two pages. Next I will put it into Scrivner so I can move my scenes around before I start writing. With this much prep the writing will be a breeze.