Outline Progress

This years NNWM outline is going well. I started with an old idea of mine, scientists doing research on moon, added in some rouge researchers, religious aliens, and a detective from Earth to get to my current novel idea. I completed the first step of the snowflake method quickly. The second step was harder and the third step was impossible as my characters kept evolving with new obstacles and an ever changing time line.

What came to my rescue? The 12 key pillars of novel construction. This is a course posted weekly through a blog. The posts are only ok, I have found them to be a bit repetitive. What helped fix my outline was the worksheets. They asked many important questions. It was like I was able to brainstorm with my best friend for a night, yet I didn’t have to use their time.

Numerous hours were spent on these worksheets. When I tried step two and three again the process was significantly smoother. I just finished expanding my outline onto two pages. Next I will put it into Scrivner so I can move my scenes around before I start writing. With this much prep the writing will be a breeze.


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