Editing Progress

I’m slogging through the hard part of this novel. Characters are forgotten for chapters, a fight scene was started then promptly skipped, and I still don’t know what regional cuisine my MC ate at the fancy dinner. Actually there isn’t even a scene to get my MC from the underground to the dinner, it just happens.

These are the downsides of writting a novel without an outline. These are also the downsides of writing a novel in a month. Things get skipped so the word count is made. Then they need to be dealt with while editing. Yet if I didn’t write this all in one month would it be done at all? I doubt it. One must take the plunge and write.

I took a glance at  the material to come. I have to say, it’s pretty good. Scenes will need to be rearranged to fix the pacing. Yet, overall, this is exactly how and we’re I want my novel to end. Now to connect the beginning to the end, through a yard full of junk.


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