10 Books That Changed My Life

1) The Hardy Boys Series

2) Artemis Fowl

3) Tinker by Wen Spencer

4) The Scarlet Letter

5) 1984

6) The Giver

7) The Outsiders

8) Kodocha

9) Saiyuki

10) The Fault in Our Stars

A couple notes:

The scarlet letter I did not enjoy as a book. I learned a lot from it due to an amazing high school teacher who taught that book. She was the only teacher that really made me take apart a book in it’s separate elements and really explain why characters were doing what they did when. Her teachings stuck with me, and thus the reason that The Scarlet Letter is important in my life, though it could have been any book taught thoroughly.

8+9 are manga series, Japanese comic books, yet they effected me so greatly that I would be remiss to not include them in this list. I still own the full series for both.

The rest are pretty normal. All books I read at the right age for them to effect me in a positive way. The Hardy Boys was the first series that really made me want to read. Artemis Fowl had the first MC I really identified with plus some fantasy elements I enjoyed. Tinker was a great book, and showed me that a book could get published for a good story even if the writing could have used another edit.


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