Life News

My writing has been slowed down drastically, but for a couple good reasons. First I went to Florida. Second I got a puppy. Lastly I bought a house! Life wants my December to be as busy as my November.  I’ve already moved a lot of my stuff, yet there is still more. I never realize how much I own until I move. If I’m lucky I shouldn’t need to move again for a long time!

Basically the rest of the month will be moving, settling, and training the puppy. He loves chicken, so we’ve been using that as a reward when he follows a command. We’ve already gotten sit down pretty well. The next big one is ‘off’ so that he doesn’t get on the bed anymore. It’s cute now, but he’s a German Shepherd, whom will grow to take over half the bed. Gotta get the proper training in early for when he’s fully grown.

The plan is to finish moving by the end of the year. Next year will be full of writing!

I hope everyone has pleasant holidays!


Progress Review

After NNWM it was time for some relaxing, but now it’s time to get back on the writing wagon. There are a number of different projects to work on.

1) Gotta go through Moon Murder and figure out what additional scenes need to be written. The goal for this week is to read through the novel and make that list. (Plus whatever obvious grammatical errors I find in the read through.)

2) Go through Jewel Stealing Space Cats and organize it in Scrivener. The goal for this week is organization and then printing the novel off for review.

3) Check in with the alpha reader about Zee.

4) Write a short story.

5) Start plotting for Camp NNWM in April. No idea what I’m writing yet. But you can’t start planning to soon!

Final Thought Friday

My final thoughts for the week are:

1) I should learn how to spell.

2) Capitalizing, even when trying to type quickly, would be preferred. It would save a lot of editing time.

3) I love scrivner. It is the absolute best editing software.

4) Cooking takes up a lot of writing time. Yet it’s cheaper and yummier than eating out.

5) Soon it will be time to relax and write some short stories. Any suggestions?

Writing Wednesday

One of the biggest challenges with my newest novel was writing in first person. I knew that writing this detective novel from the point of view of the detective, and eventually her daughter, would give the most emotional view of the situation. That emotional investment is needed to get the reader interested in the story. Thus I did write this in first person, though it didn’t stop my brain from reverting to third person randomly, as shown in this lovely paragraph.

She missed the weather on Earth, the way that it affected everyone’s mood. How she could use it to her advantage when interviewing for an important piece of information. Not to mention the nature on Earth! If she was to go home right now she would hug a tree. If it wasn’t covered in moss and surrounded with bugs, she still had her standards.

This piece was one of the first I wrote. I find jumping into the character like that is great for setting the emotional level. You can tell that she doesn’t like where she is for multiple reasons, that she interviews people for important information, overall she likes nature, but not bugs or moss. It’s a quick way to get a good understanding of your main character, now if only it was in first person….

NaNoWriMo Winner!

I finished National Novel Writing Month this year and am happy with the resulting novel. To be fair the novel is not complete, there are many scenes that I skipped along with oddles of editing to do. The thing is, I know what needs to be fixed. I can see the story through all of the bad spelling and typos. I know where it’s going and what my characters are doing any why they are doing them.

I guess what all those authors have been saying is correct, the only way to get to be a better writer is to write. Write a lot, write everyday, and when you aren’t writing read. It’s that simple and that hard.