Writing Wednesday

One of the biggest challenges with my newest novel was writing in first person. I knew that writing this detective novel from the point of view of the detective, and eventually her daughter, would give the most emotional view of the situation. That emotional investment is needed to get the reader interested in the story. Thus I did write this in first person, though it didn’t stop my brain from reverting to third person randomly, as shown in this lovely paragraph.

She missed the weather on Earth, the way that it affected everyone’s mood. How she could use it to her advantage when interviewing for an important piece of information. Not to mention the nature on Earth! If she was to go home right now she would hug a tree. If it wasn’t covered in moss and surrounded with bugs, she still had her standards.

This piece was one of the first I wrote. I find jumping into the character like that is great for setting the emotional level. You can tell that she doesn’t like where she is for multiple reasons, that she interviews people for important information, overall she likes nature, but not bugs or moss. It’s a quick way to get a good understanding of your main character, now if only it was in first person….


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