Monthly Review of Yearly Goals #1

I did edits for my novel on paper, that is good and on track. But they were not transcribed into my computer yet, that’s behind schedule.

This month I need to start writing the missing scenes and doing more in depth edits for the novel.

Last week I edited and sent out the first chapter to my critique group. That’s ahead of schedule since the chapter is now done with in depth edits. The comments have come back and everyone has been enjoying it! They say I should look at my word choices more. The mother and daughter speak similarly and there should be more differentiation in between their speech. Everyone loves the arm implant, I need to add him into more scenes.

I did not write a short story this month. I hope to remedy this by writing two this month and sending them out. One short story from last year was rejected from the anthology that I sent it to. I need to revise it and then send it out again. That’s a goal for this weekend.

Starting today (Exactly 8 weeks before April) I need to figure out the plot for the novel I’ll be writing in April. I should do the first three steps of the snowflake method this week and otherwise continue on the weekly schedule I created in Jan.


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