Eight Sentence Sunday #10

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Here are some sentences I cut out from an old novel of mine. I don’t like taking out perfectly good words, but sometimes a story needs to be shaken up before everything fits into place.

“I could give it a go after dinner I suppose. I don’t know how good it will be. I never tried to put something together like that before.”

“Making something, even if it doesn’t work as well as your normal creations, is all that I ask.”

The dinner conversation turned into chatter about the latest book  Zee had read and the new recipe Lussia was going to try for breakfast the next day. After they had both finished dishes were put into the kitchen for Lussia to take care of later. Zee headed to the basement to try to create something worthwhile.

Three hours later and Zee had created… a brick.

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A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal


I have no idea what my theme will be. Instead I am revealing the fact that I’m attempting this challenge at all!

Here’s a link for those who want to know more: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

Since this is an author blog I would like the theme will be writing related. I liked Sophie‘s idea to post a blog related to a different emotion/reaction every day. It might be fun to write a short scene involving these emotions or reactions. If I want to make it challenging I could follow Patrick‘s lead, making each scene a part of the same overarching story. Other ideas include writing a scene for key action words, or writing something using a specific literary device each day.

What would you like to read the most?

Eight Sentence Sunday #9

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Here are the first eight sentences from a short story I started last week.

Weather changes swept the land. Places which used to accommodate forests were now deserts. Those covered in snow were melting away to nothingness sprinkled with mud. People who once lived happy lives in calm villages were sending groups to search for more hospitable places to live.

One such party left from a village once in lovely grassland, now turned desert.

Hamlet braved a mouth full of sand to speak to the group, “I know this seems like a lost cause but no one has been up the mountain in years. There’s a chance the mountain hasn’t changed, there’s a chance the other side still has grass. We have to look, it’s our only hope.”

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Self-editing and Critiquing #7

Instead of focusing on three points while going through my novel in editing stages I’ve been doing in depth focusing on each chapter. Ten pages at a time.

I’m looking at each scene and asking myself if it’s needed. I’m making sure it’s full of action. I’m reviewing the characters actions, to make sure they are acting like themselves. I’m also making sure that the characters are doing interesting things. And most importantly I’m making sure that my characters have wants which the reader knows.

I’ve also been working on setting to make sure the readers achieve a good understanding of the moon world that this story is in. It’s hard to make sure all this information is in each set of pages, but it’s important that I give that much development to this novel. I want it to be the best that it can be!

Eight Sentence Sunday #8

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Here are eight sentences from the novel I am currently editing; Moon Murder.

A message chimed onto my screen. I opened it to a surprise video feed of the headmaster.

“What were you thinking taking the buggies out after I gave explicit instructions to not?”

“Mother was insistent, and I wasn’t going to let her go onto the moon by herself, that’s dangerous.”

“So is going out onto the moon without proper gear, and without proper supervision from people inside town.”

“Yes well. What’s done is done.”

“It’s not done until you get back, which will be immediately.”

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Food Review: Butter Coffee

As a lover of both butter and coffee I had to try out butter coffee.

What is it?

1 TBS of butter

1 TBS of coconut oil

Fill the cup with coffee and blend until everything is disolved.


This is supposed to be a part of a diet. They say that the fat from the butter makes the caffine stay in your system longer, so you don’t get a late afternoon crash.


It tastes good and I do think that it keeps in ones system for a solid six hours, but once it’s gone you crash anyways. It might be better as your afternoon coffee, it does give me energy. As someone who has black coffee the dilution of the butter and oil makes it taste like a starbucks drink, minus the sugar. Not bad, but I would suggest adding extra coffee grounds to your normal brew to keep the coffee taste.


This is not worthy of a breakfast replacement. Eat something with it. Also coconut oil is expensive and putting it into my normal cup of coffee just about doubles the cost I spend per cup.

Eight Sentence Sunday #7

I don’t know what happened last week but this post didn’t publish on time! (I usually have this scheduled early in the week so I don’t forget.) I had a great streak going too! Oh well, time to start again.

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Here are eight sentences from the novel I am currently editing; Moon Murder.

She was shorter than me and mom yet this woman looked down at both of us simultaneously.

Melisa held out her hand, “I am the headmistress.” There was no comment on being pleased to meet us. The hand shaking seemed to be a formality she dealt with because everyone else expected it, and that was it. Why did I help this woman distract my mother?

A voice straight from Brooklyn came from my arm, “Hey there doll face ain’t you glad to see us? How about you get rid of that scowl of yours and show us where we can have some fun in this joint.”

Ah yes, that would be why.

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