Food Review: Butter Coffee

As a lover of both butter and coffee I had to try out butter coffee.

What is it?

1 TBS of butter

1 TBS of coconut oil

Fill the cup with coffee and blend until everything is disolved.


This is supposed to be a part of a diet. They say that the fat from the butter makes the caffine stay in your system longer, so you don’t get a late afternoon crash.


It tastes good and I do think that it keeps in ones system for a solid six hours, but once it’s gone you crash anyways. It might be better as your afternoon coffee, it does give me energy. As someone who has black coffee the dilution of the butter and oil makes it taste like a starbucks drink, minus the sugar. Not bad, but I would suggest adding extra coffee grounds to your normal brew to keep the coffee taste.


This is not worthy of a breakfast replacement. Eat something with it. Also coconut oil is expensive and putting it into my normal cup of coffee just about doubles the cost I spend per cup.


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