E is for Epitaph

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge. Every day (minus Sunday’s) during April in 2015 I will be making a post related to a literary device which starts with a particular letter of the alphabet. I have a general idea that these posts will be describing the same characters as they go through their lives, but I haven’t written all the posts yet so no promises!

Epitaph – is an inscription written on a grave. Generally, it is a brief composition, having figurative sense in a verse or in prose form, written to pay tribute to a deceased person, or to remember a past event.

Many people have written their own epitaphs before their deaths. I thought it would be interesting to have my characters write their own epitaph when they are 60. This forces me to think about different events from their whole life and how that will have effected their view of themselves.

Valentine (60 dog years) – “So long for now and thanks for all the bones!”

Eric – “A wall be placed, my bones erased, yet words will never save me.”

Vic – “The winds blow, and the winds change, one only needs a sail to catch them in.”

Valentine wants to wait for the rest of the family in whatever afterlife there might be. Eric feels fatalistic about the whole thing. Saying that a tombstone or more will be put above his bones with this epitaph on it, but the words aren’t going to save him from death. Vic was looking over her life when she wrote hers. She did a lot of travel and believes all one needs to do is see the winds, or wants, they have and then go after them to lead a happy life.



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