Eight Sentence Sunday #15

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m taking a look at some prewriting for next month’s Camp NNWM.

It was a suspicious city, one where food was prepared in front of you by robots to prove no poison was added. Yet the girls knew from experience that this suspicion did not apply to as many aspects of life as one might think. For example most would respond to a simple distraction and ignore what was in front of them. Then one might just pick it up from in front of their nose. This didn’t work on people from other places though, this was also something the girls knew from experience. Other cultures required careful planning and research before a con could be used effectively against them. Of course the research was worth it and the payouts great.

“Get ready, the truck is turning the corner.”



  1. Sometime the more suspicious they are, the easier it is to trap someone with diversion and artifice… because the victim has devoted so much time an effort into “being safe” that they think they’re invulnerable now (or they want to blame all the wrong people).

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