Equipment Upgrade

LG Tone HBS-900 Infinim Bluetooth Stereo Headset, Metallic Silver

I bought a Bluetooth headset for my phone. This single purchase has drastically increased the amount of listening I do throughout any day. Not being tethered to my phone is wonderful and listening to audio books is a lot of fun.

It’s also great to not have to detangle headphone cords or remember where my headphones are. These bad boys are always around my neck or on the charger. The charger is another good thing, it uses a normal phone charger! So I don’t need to carry around another piece of equipment while traveling.

Truly. If you spend a lot of time driving or doing physical activities you should get a Bluetooth head set and audible subscription. You’ll be able to listen to fun audio books for a reasonable price. It can turn chores from a pain to a pleasure!


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