Eight Sentence Sunday #21

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Writing from a short story I’m working on.

One…two…three… she counted as she stepped onto the road. Her foot was in the air when the truck hit her, sending her flying. Cho made sure she rolled a little farther away giving every time advantage she could to her partner. Once stopped she made sure her face was still on, with robots photographic memory trouble could follow if your real face was on during a burglary.

As planned the robot rushed out of his truck. Well, as much as robots rushed anywhere Cho thought. The government had believed it would be an advantage to the general populous if robots themselves couldn’t go over a certain speed without vehicle accompaniment. Cho suspected that they had been paid off by some vehicle making companies, she knew how politicians were in this world. Not looking out for the safety of the public, but they would loudly lie to say that they were.

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