Kicking Off 2015 – Writing Goals

There are four major goals for this upcoming year and each major goal as three sub goals. As expected, one of my major goals is getting published. The sub goals for writing are as follows:


1)      Write and submit one short story per month. This nets me twelve short stories in the year and it will help me go through each stage of the noveling process in a small scale; plotting, writing, editing, and submitting. These shorter works should help me become a better author while not taking the time dedication needed for a novel.

2)      Write three 50k novels. One for each NNWM camp, and one for official NNWM. Go big or go home!

3)      Edit the novel from this year’s NNWM and send to publishers. This is a full year goal because the editing, beta reading, and further editing will take a lot of time. I’ve gotten a head start by doing edits on some pages I printed out.  I’m seeing new issues with every page, not just the ones I saw while writing. It’s disheartening, but I am determined. This book has the needed bones, they just have to be polished.


As a mini sub goal I will continue to post here, an estimated three times a week. A friend showed me Weekend Writing Warriors which I plan to make one of my consistent posts. With the amount of editing and critiquing I plan to do this year I think it would be fun to have a weekly post covering issues I have been seeing throughout the week. I might add ways to focus on these problems while self-editing and any easy ways to fix them. Not sure what my last weekly post will be, perhaps checking in on how the progress is going on these goals? Time will tell.


PS: I did send out one short story during 2014. I just got the word that it was rejected. Time for editing! It will be sent out again by the end of Jan, with whichever new story I might write!


Final Thought Friday

My final thoughts for the week are:

1) I should learn how to spell.

2) Capitalizing, even when trying to type quickly, would be preferred. It would save a lot of editing time.

3) I love scrivner. It is the absolute best editing software.

4) Cooking takes up a lot of writing time. Yet it’s cheaper and yummier than eating out.

5) Soon it will be time to relax and write some short stories. Any suggestions?

Bad Food and Outlines

This Sunday I met with my writers group at Denny’s as per normal.

I was completely starving.  I don’t normally grab a full meal there, this time I did, and I think that it might have been the reason for my horrible stomach aches that night.  I tried to sleep through it but I just kept waking up every couple of hours.  The stomach still hurt and the sleep was not restful.

I tried to just keep drinking water and eating what I could, it took half of the day but it worked. Around 11 o’clock I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until now.  Feeling much more rested and with much less ache.

Before this whole tummy ache was the meeting, which was particularly helpful in my upcoming NNWM plot!  Everyone gave tons of suggestions for my novel.  At this point I think I have to pick what to not include!  I should also put together some character related documents.  Mainly because while I have about seven important people in my novel I don’t know much of anything about the rest of my cast.  I would like to have these seven people fleshed out and have seven less important characters fleshed out as well by the time I start writing in November.

An idea to have a theme for each day that I post has been rustling around in my head.  Something to the effect of: Goal Setting/Review Monday’s, Writing Wednesdays, and Final Thought Fridays.  Or maybe ‘Finally, a character! Fridays.’ I suspect I’ll try it out and see if it helps guide me to post more with higher quality.