Monthly Review of Yearly Goals #1

I did edits for my novel on paper, that is good and on track. But they were not transcribed into my computer yet, that’s behind schedule.

This month I need to start writing the missing scenes and doing more in depth edits for the novel.

Last week I edited and sent out the first chapter to my critique group. That’s ahead of schedule since the chapter is now done with in depth edits. The comments have come back and everyone has been enjoying it! They say I should look at my word choices more. The mother and daughter speak similarly and there should be more differentiation in between their speech. Everyone loves the arm implant, I need to add him into more scenes.

I did not write a short story this month. I hope to remedy this by writing two this month and sending them out. One short story from last year was rejected from the anthology that I sent it to. I need to revise it and then send it out again. That’s a goal for this weekend.

Starting today (Exactly 8 weeks before April) I need to figure out the plot for the novel I’ll be writing in April. I should do the first three steps of the snowflake method this week and otherwise continue on the weekly schedule I created in Jan.


Self-Editing and Critiquing #2

This week I have been focusing on list making.

1)      Missing scenes.

2)      Good scenes or ideas, as specified by myself or my beta reader.

3)      Forgotten subplots.

These lists have already been useful in determining what scenes need to be added, and what content they should have. I am already seeing places where my forgotten subplots will fit into a missing scene nicely to show character and plot development. The good scenes/ideas help direct where these new scenes should go. For example many of the good scenes involve my main characters talking arm implant being sarcastic. Because of this I plan to add more scenes with him.

How do I determine missing scenes?

The easiest is when I type in big bold letters FINISH THIS SCENE. Or ADD HOW THEY FOUND THE BODY HERE. If I was writing leisurely I probably wouldn’t have these outbursts, but this novel was written during NaNoWriMo, and with time being word count the novel had to go on.

My novel has two main characters, the detective mother and her daughter. I try to have every scene switch between their points of view. If I have a long chapter staring one without the other I am probably missing a scene.

If I’m reading and something seems to have come out of the blue. This is tricky because I wrote this novel out of order and it’s not completely in order yet. Therefore I might have just put a scene where it is not supposed to be instead of missing scene. In this case I write down what I think is the missing scene but with a question mark next to it, so that I know to look into it more after reader further into my novel.

Eight Sentence Sunday #1

Here we are with Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. My intent is to post as many Sunday’s as possible this year. I started off the year with a bang by missing one. That’s ok, it gets rid of my need to be perfect at this goal. A majority will suffice. Onto my post, the first eight sentences of Moon Murder.

“How did you manage to get the money for this hunk of junk anyways?”

“I am a highly intelligent implant named Genie, thank you!” If he was a human the sentence would have ended with a huff. Being a machine he got something inside of him to crackle instead, which gave much of the same effect.

“They gave me a pretty big discount if I was willing to give them feedback on how the personality and system worked.”

“But it wasn’t free?” I would never have gotten anything like that if it wasn’t free. Not if it involved surgery to install.

Check out more at

Kicking Off 2015 – Writing Goals

There are four major goals for this upcoming year and each major goal as three sub goals. As expected, one of my major goals is getting published. The sub goals for writing are as follows:


1)      Write and submit one short story per month. This nets me twelve short stories in the year and it will help me go through each stage of the noveling process in a small scale; plotting, writing, editing, and submitting. These shorter works should help me become a better author while not taking the time dedication needed for a novel.

2)      Write three 50k novels. One for each NNWM camp, and one for official NNWM. Go big or go home!

3)      Edit the novel from this year’s NNWM and send to publishers. This is a full year goal because the editing, beta reading, and further editing will take a lot of time. I’ve gotten a head start by doing edits on some pages I printed out.  I’m seeing new issues with every page, not just the ones I saw while writing. It’s disheartening, but I am determined. This book has the needed bones, they just have to be polished.


As a mini sub goal I will continue to post here, an estimated three times a week. A friend showed me Weekend Writing Warriors which I plan to make one of my consistent posts. With the amount of editing and critiquing I plan to do this year I think it would be fun to have a weekly post covering issues I have been seeing throughout the week. I might add ways to focus on these problems while self-editing and any easy ways to fix them. Not sure what my last weekly post will be, perhaps checking in on how the progress is going on these goals? Time will tell.


PS: I did send out one short story during 2014. I just got the word that it was rejected. Time for editing! It will be sent out again by the end of Jan, with whichever new story I might write!

Life News

My writing has been slowed down drastically, but for a couple good reasons. First I went to Florida. Second I got a puppy. Lastly I bought a house! Life wants my December to be as busy as my November.  I’ve already moved a lot of my stuff, yet there is still more. I never realize how much I own until I move. If I’m lucky I shouldn’t need to move again for a long time!

Basically the rest of the month will be moving, settling, and training the puppy. He loves chicken, so we’ve been using that as a reward when he follows a command. We’ve already gotten sit down pretty well. The next big one is ‘off’ so that he doesn’t get on the bed anymore. It’s cute now, but he’s a German Shepherd, whom will grow to take over half the bed. Gotta get the proper training in early for when he’s fully grown.

The plan is to finish moving by the end of the year. Next year will be full of writing!

I hope everyone has pleasant holidays!

Progress Review

After NNWM it was time for some relaxing, but now it’s time to get back on the writing wagon. There are a number of different projects to work on.

1) Gotta go through Moon Murder and figure out what additional scenes need to be written. The goal for this week is to read through the novel and make that list. (Plus whatever obvious grammatical errors I find in the read through.)

2) Go through Jewel Stealing Space Cats and organize it in Scrivener. The goal for this week is organization and then printing the novel off for review.

3) Check in with the alpha reader about Zee.

4) Write a short story.

5) Start plotting for Camp NNWM in April. No idea what I’m writing yet. But you can’t start planning to soon!

NaNoWriMo Winner!

I finished National Novel Writing Month this year and am happy with the resulting novel. To be fair the novel is not complete, there are many scenes that I skipped along with oddles of editing to do. The thing is, I know what needs to be fixed. I can see the story through all of the bad spelling and typos. I know where it’s going and what my characters are doing any why they are doing them.

I guess what all those authors have been saying is correct, the only way to get to be a better writer is to write. Write a lot, write everyday, and when you aren’t writing read. It’s that simple and that hard.