Eight Sentence Sunday #20

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Writing from a short story I’m working on.

Tom heard shouts from the other end of the park, alarmed he turned his head wondering if he could fend off a mugger. It was June and Joyce, an old married lesbian couple from a couple apartments down. They argued often, but mostly because they couldn’t hear each other which led to them mishearing each other.

Letting out a sigh of relief he looked back at the dark shimmer of the pond in the moonless darkness.

Some of the ducks moved closer to him. He spoke out loud as if they could hear, “I don’t have any breadcrumbs left guys. I’ll bring some tomorrow.” At least the ducks depended on him.

He was ready to turn around and go to his apartment when the ducks responded with a loud quack. It made him jump, tilting the scooter off balance landing both him and it in the pond.

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Eight Sentence Sunday #19

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. This is some writing from the novel I wrote for Camp NNWM: Conwomen.

Patrick was the high priest of the religion of Hana. He enjoyed his position and had been one of the most aggressive in the line of priests. Animals had been acquired at a rapid rate while increasing the profits of the ship. Most called him goal oriented, sent by Kushami himself to finally finish this important mission. Patrick wasn’t sure he was sent by the god he represented or not. He had gotten this position to use its power for his personal goal; getting himself and his family to settle on a planet.

He promised himself that once this was accomplished his new goal would be to never board a space ship again. The things were horrible inventions that did not take care of the humans inside of it.

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Eight Sentence Sunday #17

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. This is some writing from the novel I’m writing for Camp NNWM: Conwomen.

“He gave me a vision!” The people in front of him were excited; they started to murmur to each other.

“Kashami showed me a place where there were two suns. A place better than our old planet.”

The crowd broke out in worry, they weren’t taking it. Their dream had been going back to their old home planet, not a new one.

“Our god is waiting for us there. He is preparing it so there is a place for every animal we bring. A place for us with food, water, shelter, and the ability to move in right away. The only thing we need to do is find it.”

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Eight Sentence Sunday #16

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. This is some writing from the novel I’m writing for Camp NNWM: Conwomen.

They took the jewels to their accomplice. Ken had, in their opinion, an unhealthy obsession with cats and jewels. No comments would be made to indicate these thoughts though since he paid excellent money for both when they could be found.

Cho stood in front of the door, letting the bio scanner and her costume do their job. With a ding and loud unlocking sound the door swung open, revealing a lovely clean home with plenty of light, pleasant decorations, and a cat on every flat surface.

“Why do you live around here, yet have a flat that looks like one of those tabloid covers?”

“The question is why not Regina! With half of the money you can get twice the results in this part of the city.” The middle aged man walked around a corner with a glass of what looked like milk, a glass he almost dropped when he saw who was really standing in front of him.

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Eight Sentence Sunday #14

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m taking a look at my novel Animal Companions from April. Many of the scenes are still rough, but they’ll get there with some polish.

“What, you got the trail of something to hunt?”

I barked a resounding yes.

“You know what you found the last time we were tracking something?”

I did remember, it ended up being a kangaroo which punched my boss in the chest with his hind legs making him breath funny for weeks. This time though it wasn’t a kangaroo, but what could it be? I jumped through the prickly brush and found myself looking at a mud pit. This was where the smell ended, though I didn’t know why, there wasn’t an animal there.

As my wise old grandma once said, “If you don’t know what to do sonny then pee on it. Always gives you an answer to your questions.” So I peed into the mud puddle, and it gave the most terrifying roar I have ever heard.

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Eight Sentence Sunday #11

I present to you Eight Sentence Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Here are some sentences I cut out from an old novel of mine. I don’t like taking out perfectly good words, but sometimes a story needs to be shaken up before everything fits into place.

He started off on his shopping list, camping store first.

After walking around on the wall for a while he realized two things. First he had no idea where any of the stores he wanted to go to were. He couldn’t figure out where they were from the mall map at all. The stores were ones he had never heard of before such as FluffyBunny, NachoCheese, or MoonBeams. He didn’t even know what MoonBeams were. How did he know what they were selling there and above all which one was the camping store?

The second problem was how he was going to get off of the wall and into said stores, a grappling hook perhaps?

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F is for Foil (A literary device. Not aluminum foil.)

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge. Every day (minus Sunday’s) during April in 2015 I will be making a post related to a literary device which starts with a particular letter of the alphabet. I have a general idea that these posts will be describing the same characters as they go through their lives, but I haven’t written all the posts yet so no promises!

Foil – is a character that shows qualities that are in contrast with the qualities of another character with the objective to highlight the traits of the other character. The term foil, though generally being applied for a contrasting character, may also be used for any comparison that is drawn to portray a difference between two things.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an ideal example of foil since it’s simple; Jekyll’s foil is his other half Hyde. In the book the transformation between the two shows the battle between good v bad in all humans. That’s one of the main pluses of using a foil. It emphasizes one or more themes within ones story. A truly fantastic literary device when used correctly.

In my novel Moon Murder my detective character has a foil in the arm implant Genie (or G3N13). Their interactions show the constant struggles between humans and robots, the traditional v new age, and the detail oriented v the carefree. It wonderfully highlights my novels main themes, which is why every round of edits ends with me adding more interactions between these characters. As they build their relationship the story gets more meat because the themes are getting ever more engrained in the world.