Life News

My writing has been slowed down drastically, but for a couple good reasons. First I went to Florida. Second I got a puppy. Lastly I bought a house! Life wants my December to be as busy as my November.  I’ve already moved a lot of my stuff, yet there is still more. I never realize how much I own until I move. If I’m lucky I shouldn’t need to move again for a long time!

Basically the rest of the month will be moving, settling, and training the puppy. He loves chicken, so we’ve been using that as a reward when he follows a command. We’ve already gotten sit down pretty well. The next big one is ‘off’ so that he doesn’t get on the bed anymore. It’s cute now, but he’s a German Shepherd, whom will grow to take over half the bed. Gotta get the proper training in early for when he’s fully grown.

The plan is to finish moving by the end of the year. Next year will be full of writing!

I hope everyone has pleasant holidays!


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